Tubular motor-LWT16A-100
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Tubular motor-LWT16A-100

Tube Motor-LWT16A-100

 Technical advantages 

▶High reliability, high cost performance

▶Flexible displacement control

▶High speed, high acceleration

▶Clean, low noise

▶Small maintenance and adjustment

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LMT series tubular linear motors and modules are an ideal solution for industrial mobile control. Low wear, low noise, high speed, high precision, better performance and reliability than traditional ball screws, and better control flexibility than traditional air cylinders. The LMT series tubular linear motors and modules are composed of examples with high protection levels and customized 304 stainless steel. The customized interior is a high-performance rare earth magnet that forms a complete positive-rotating air-gap magnetic field. It can produce rated thrust of 4.5N~8.5N, the peak thrust is 222N each, and the effective stroke is 5~1100mm. The patented design of the LMT series tubular linear motor and module enables it to achieve a maximum repeatability of 4um through the built-in displacement sensor without the need for external gratings, magnetic grids and other sensors.

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