High-precision direct-drive multi-moving sub-loop line LMS-CM
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High-precision direct-drive multi-moving sub-loop line LMS-CM

High-precision direct-drive multi-acting sub-loop line

LMC CM series technical advantages

▶Fast transmission speed and high production efficiency

▶Linear encoder, high position control accuracy

▶Modular design, easy to install and debug

▶Direct driving force, non-contact carrying, long lifespan

▶Fast response

▶Smooth operation, low noise

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The Yokokawa-YOKOKAWA direct-drive multi-mover loop line uses linear motor movers as transmission power output instead of free-flow conveyors and belt conveyors. It is a new-generation carrier system that can construct manufacturing lines flexibly and freely, especially Suitable for modern advanced manufacturing clocks, multi-quality and small-batch production applications.

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