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DD motor series


►Fully sealed stator winding

►There are two structure types of inner rotor and outer rotor to meet more application requirements

►It has the advantages of high precision, high rigidity, low axial radial runout, etc.< /span>

►Absolute accuracy can reach ±10arc-sec

►Repeat positioning accuracy can reach ±0.5arc-sec< /p>

►RoHs, FCC, CE certification

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Product Description

Insulation class: Class F

Insulation withstand voltage: 1500V for 1 minute

Insulation resistance: 10MΩ or more (500VDC)

Other structure: outer rotor type

Excitation method: 3-phase

Power supply: 200-230VAC

Others: Nominal torque is the value when installed on a metal base with sufficient heat capacity. The position resolution is the recommended value and is set according to the drive. The mechanical accuracy of the load mounting surface is the axial deviation and radial deviation of the mounting surface.



Advantages of DD motor



Product parameter

Motor parameters
Maximum instantaneous output torque N.m 300
Continuous maximum torque N.m 95
Maximum instantaneous torque speed rps 600
Rated torque maximum speed rps 40
Wire resistance Ohm 6
Line inductance mH 28.6
Moment constant Nm/Arms 19
Back EMF Constant Vp /(krpm) 10.9
Continuous current Arms 5
Peak current Arms 16
Number of pole pairs - 44
Mechanical parameters
Outer diameter mm 291±0.4
the inside diameter of mm 200
Rotor inertia kgcm² 0.039
Rotor weight kg 3.8
Stator weight kg 8.8
Environmental requirements 40
- No corrosive gas and dust. Altitude below 1000m



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LCD panel equipment

Semiconductor manufacturing



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