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Linear motor series

LMS-A200 series steel belt Seal

▶High installation rigidity, high load rate

▶The maximum movement speed can reach more than 15m/s

▶It can be quickly combined into a robotic arm, XY platform and dual-drive gantry system

▶High precision, high acceleration, high movement speed

▶Long stroke, the maximum stroke can reach more than 4 meters

▶Allow multiple coaxial independent movers

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Product Description

Yokokawa·YOKOKAWA series linear motor modules include ironless motors and iron-core motors. The length of the carrier is 135mm, 190mm, 270mm, and 378mm, which correspond to a variety of thrust and load increments. Multiple ranges. The standard module provides an optional effective stroke in 50mm increments (within 1000).



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Product parameter

Specification name LMS-A200-C22系列钢带封
Motor LMC186-100-S1
Drive VCII-06-230 Continuous current: 3A
Thrust (N) Peak thrust: 1110 Continuous thrust: 300
Load (kg) 1 max
Speed (m/s) 2 max (15kg load, 500mm stroke, residence time 0.3s)
Acceleration (g) 1 max
Precision Magnetic grid: Repeat positioning accuracy: ±2µm (within 1000mm stroke)
Grating: Repeat positioning accuracy: ±1µm (within 1000mm stroke)
Straightness ±2µm/300mm
Accessories Photoelectric switch: EE-SX674 (built-in); drag chain (excluding drag chain)





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