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LMC T176 series

Motor with iron core 

LMC T176 series

▶It has excellent performance, positioning accuracy and operating efficiency.

▶Low noise, no maintenance, and smooth operation

▶Compared with ironless core, the heat dissipation effect is better

▶High thrust and high rigidity

▶Unlimited stroke length

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Product Description

Yokokawa·YOKOKAWA series linear motor modules include ironless motors and iron-core motors. The length of the carrier is 135mm, 190mm, 270mm, and 378mm, which correspond to a variety of thrust and load increments. Multiple ranges. The standard module provides an optional effective stroke in 50mm increments (within 1000).


LMC series iron core motors

Outline drawing (unit: mm)

Performance parameter Unit LMC-T176-050-S1 LMC-T176-075-S1
Peak thrust N 486 810
Peak current Arms 11 11
Sustained thrust N 110 184.1
Continuous current Arms 2.5 2.5
Force constant N/Arms 44.2 73.6
Back EMF Constant Vpn-rms/(m/s) 14.7 24.5
Phase resistance ohms 5.75 9.58
Phase inductance mH 16 26.67
Rated power W 75.4 125.7
Motor constant 25 N/√W 15.05 19.43
Motor constant 120 N/√W 12.7 16.42
Electrical time constant ms 2.78 2.78
Heat dissipation constant W/℃ 1.51 2.52
Thermal resistance ℃/W 1.33 0.8
Thermal time constant s 1200 1500
Maximum coil temperature 120 120
Mover weight KN 1.15 1.55
Stator model Kg 1.12 1.6
Polar distance   "T-LMC-T050-S200" "T-LMC-T075-S200"
Stator weight
  mm 20 20
  Kg/m 3.2 4.8



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